Short Term Courses

The main objective of our short term add- on courses is to impart skills which they require while seeking jobs and to sharpen their knowledge. To run these skill oriented courses we have not only good infrastructure but also talented faculty. Besides this we also invite resource persons from Industry, Hospitals & Research Institutes so that the students get the maximum benefit.

Eligibility and Requirement

  • Individuals with requisite qualifications (10+2) are eligible to apply and seek admission.
  • The duration of each course shall be up to 50 lectures or 12 weeks.
  • Details can be obtained from the coordinator of each course.
  • On successful completion of the course, a certificate will be awarded by the college
  • The college will charge a fee of Rs. 2000/- PA for each course. An additional Rs. 1000/- would be charged for the courses that includes practicals.
  • The student who wish to enroll in the course need to fill the proforma available in the college office.


Medical Nutrition Therapy (Coordinator: Dr.Meenakshi Garg)

This course focusses on providing knowledge and developing appropriate skills and attitude for nutritional diagnostics, therapeutics and counselling services for the purpose of disease management. The course includes the patho-physiology and nutrition therapy  for various disorders and diseases of Gastrointestinal tract, Liver, Gall bladder, Pancreas, Kidney, Neurological, Cardiovascular, Rheumatic, Diabetes Mellitus, Pulmonary, HIV, Food allergy, Stress, Infection and Fever. It also includes introduction to nutritional assessment techniques, enteral and parentral nutritional therapy. Case studies are also incorporated in the course to develop clinical practice skills.

In an effort to provide meaningful and systematic knowledge to students experienced eminent speakers and faculty from various hospitals (AIIMS, Apollo, Maharaja Agarsen hospital), educational institute and industries (Novartis-Nestle) are invited to deliver the lectures. With the help of this course the students are able to assess, treat nutritional health risk, calculate and interpret nutritional contents of food.

Food Safety (Coordinator:Dr. Shalini Sehgal)

The aim of this course is to educate the students about various aspects of Food Safety such as its need, concept of quality and safety, food hygiene and sanitation, national and international food regulations, food safety quality management systems, HACCP, TQM and importance of food safety in various sectors of food industry. The resource persons for this course comprised of eminent personalities from academics as well as food industry. The students were introduced to the various facets of food safety by the faculty members and also the various food experts from Dabur India Ltd., Reliance Industries, TUV India, FICCI, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, FRAC, Quality care solutions, and Kwality walls.

Energy and Technology (Coordinator: Dr. S.K Shukla)

The department of polymer science offers a short term course on Energy and Technology designed for training the students with various dimension of energy technology, Resource Generation and Scarcity. The course will include theory as well as practicals.

Short Term Course in Embedded System for Industrial Applications (Coordinator: Dr Geeta Bhatt, Ms Poonam Sharma)

With the advent of smart machines all around us, implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology requires the theory, art or technique of making a process more automatic, especially for industrial applications. For understanding and designing such systems, a good knowledge about the available hardware and software platforms,  interfacing devices, sensors, networking specification techniques, hardware-software co-design approaches etc. are required Embedded systems are the new approach towards micro controller programming.  They are the pulse of any real time operation system and are incorporated into cars, aircraft, manufacturing assembly lines, and other applications to control processes as they occur—known as “in real time.” It helps your washing machine to choose speed according to the type of cloth, gives thinking power to the microwave, decides the fuel injection in the car engine and pushes rocket launchers into space.

The need for professionals in this field is rising tremendously, as the next generation of hardware and software leverages on embedded technology to become more manageable, adaptable, and flexible.

This course offers a range of topics that are of immediate relevance to the industry and trains the student in a way suitable for the companies in Embedded system development.  

COURSE FEE = Rs.3,000/-

Duration of the course = 2 months

Eligibility :- B.Sc  Computer Science / Electronics / Instrumentation  /Physics