Club Activites

Dance Club

“Dancing is surely the most basic and relevant of all forms of expression. Nothing else can so effectively give outward form to an inner experience”- Lyall Watson The motto of the BCAS Dance Club “RAGE” is to nurture the talent, celebrate the diversity and give expressions to the creativity of young minds. The club is actively involved in organizing various dance events and competitions in the college at various occasions. It also encourages students to participate in various inter-college dance competitions. The college dance group has performed in prestigious colleges and Institutions and brought several laurels to their credit.

Astronomy Club

Universe- A mystery yet to unveil” Astronomy club provides platform to familiarize students with the fundamental facts of Universe. The Club aims to arouse the inquisitiveness among students for studying and finding the answers to the various unresolved problems of mysterious Universe. Thus, club of our college organizes several events like Quiz Competition, Educational trip, lectures, documentary movies, etc. every year.

Debate Club

An idea changes when passes from one person to another.” Debate club provides the opportunity to the students to think critically, improve their communication, analytical, oratory skills and increase their self-confidence. It motivates the students to express their views effectively and to respond cogently to arguments with which they disagree. With this very aim, the Debate Club organizes various activities like Quiz competitions, BCAS, DU Debate competitions both at Intra and Inter level, lectures, etc., every year.

Report on Quiz (11/08/2017)

Film Club

Films portray different faces of our society". The Film Club was constituted with the aim of entertaining, educating and encouraging the students time to time with the screening of inspirational films related to various aspects like national pride academic excellence, science and technology and wild life. Screening of the art movie SHIP OF THESEUS in the college was an effort towards it.

Music Club

Music is the soul of heart ". The Music club encourages students to realize their musical talent and perform. The ‘Choir Group and Rock Band Group’ is formed every year based on the prior auditions. They perform during the Independence Day, Inter College Cultural Festival ‘Srijan’, during inauguration of various events and Annual Day. The college facilitates the students to use musical instruments like Keyboard, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Harmonium, Tabla, P.A. system etc. The BCAS, DU students participates in various inter college music competitions and events organized by National School of Drama and also brought laurels to the college.

Photography Club

A picture speaks a thousand words”. Photography is an art, science and practice of creating pictures that brings about a timeless jewel that is an epitome of perfection. It captures not only the precious moment but also its soul. Nevertheless, it’s a reflection of the perspective of the photographer. Fine art photography requires a special talent and creativity which allows some to excel and reap rich rewards in both renown and monetary gain. The photography club aims at teaching its members the art of photography by using various aids and self rectification of the instrument in case of minor faults. The club organizes various inter college competitions, seminars and workshops, photography exhibitions, every year.

Ek Kadam Manavta Ki Aur...Aiming Towards Humanity

Yoga Club

Yoga is the cessation of mind. Yoga is an ancient science that deals with the evolution of humanity which includes all aspects from bodily health to self-realization. It cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in life and endows skill in the performance of one'sactions. The objective of the various activities organized by the club is to create awareness about the efficacy of yoga in healthy lifestyle. To fulfill this objective, theYoga club organizes lectures, Inter and Intra college yoga competitions, quiz competitions, yog aasanas demonstration on various events in the College. “International Yoga Day" is also enthusiastically celebrated on June 21 by performing various asanas by teaching and non-teaching staff.

Fine Arts Club - Aakriti

Creativity is allowing ourself to make mistakes. Artis knowing which ones to keep. "Fine Art is that in which the head, hand and the heart of man go together." Keeping this thought of 'John Ruskin' in mind, our goal is to expose the community to a variety of fine arts and crafts. Art has the role in education of helping children to become like themselves instead of more like everyone else. So, Aakriti, the Fine Arts club of our college provides the students a platform to let out all of their talent and skills in which students participate enthusiastically, not to show their hard work but their vision for the world.

Fine Arts-Pot Making Competition-11 Aug. 2017